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Want your business to grow organically?


Do you want to see a dramatic increase in customer inquiries? Genuine customer inquiries? How many people are searching the internet for your business? And if they are finding your business, are you grabbing their attention and leading to customer investment? Are they moving on to the next option or does it lead to a sale?

It takes a lot of strategies, skill, and extensive business knowledge to target your genuine audience online, then to get them to invest in your product and make that sale. To do all this is a lot of work, it is always best to get in touch with a digital marketing company in Australia that can walk you through the process, support your objectives, and reduce the difficulty in learning yet another skill.

Digital Marketing Australia


Customers need to find your business. As a business owner you want to make the world better through people using your product or service. But if they can’t find you, then they will find someone else. When it comes to Digital Marketing Australia strategies the an SEO-optimized website is key to getting discovery.


You need to hold customer interest long enough to describe your product and business. And most importantly why your product and service is better! That’s why you don’t want them going to your competitors, because you care about your customers. Digital marketing Australia means grabbing the attention of your target audience amongst the 25+ million people in Australia. Holding your customers’ attention through online marketing Australia means a lot of work and a lot of time. This is where digital marketing companies in Australia come to play and provide you with the support and services that you need to achieve your business goals.


You need to convince the customer that your product is worth their investment. Selling can be your greatest strength and using Australian online marketing to maximise on sales and profits should be your ultimate goal. Once you have your audience’s attention, the next thing that you need is to provide the value that your brand can offer.


The customer makes a payment and you secure their business. An Australian digital marketing company can provide you with the right plans, information and strategies to convert your prospects and leads to actual paying customers or clients.

Google statistics 31% of clicks are for organic position #1

Google Number #1

We are in the business of making your business better!

Did you know that the #1 organic position in Google gets 31% of the clicks? While you think about that, it’s also important to know that 95% of search results never make it to page 2 of Google. It is these statistics, and years of industry experience, that form our business model – resulting in generating more leads for our clients and higher client retention rates. We are here to help you achieve strong business success by getting those first steps right and achieving organic growth through ranking in search engines for the right customer traffic.But, we don’t stop there! There are still stages 2, 3, and 4 before your customers become paying customers. Unlike other Digital Marketing Agencies, we know the job isn’t complete after just stage 1!

What is your Digital Marketing Australia Targeted Goal?

Every successful business works some variation of a goal-based system. If you don’t set goals, you can never achieve them. Goal setting is an important step to ensure everyone is on the same page, and your genuine audience is being targeted.

Setting clear goals directs focus to your Digital Marketing strategy. What are your KPIs?


Determining your KPIs (Key Point Indicators) will allow you to measure progress and serve as your success indicators.

We spend time with you defining and determining the right goals for your business, and the metrics that matter to you – those are the ones that will help your business reach the next level and achieve success in the world of Digital Marketing Australia! Which one of the below goals are you passionate about improving in your business through digital marketing?

Increase Customer Calls
If your business relies on customers calling you to increase your sales and brand awareness, then goals focused on getting your phone ringing around the clock may suit you best. Online marketing Australia would involve strategies that put your number out there where your target audience can see and their search intent is based on talking to someone. This may be achieved through (call to action ) CTA buttons, your social media pages or your website.
Drive Sales
The heart of every business revolves around making a profit – and sales are particularly important for e-commerce based stores that need to convert customers quickly, once they land on your website. While this is a common goal for most businesses, this goal might not be the best process for all customers, for example if you are flexible on your service prices, or you need to evaluate and quote on work before you take on a new client. Sometimes online calculators can be used to allow that process to be automated and you can get a purchase straight away.
Boost Brand Awareness
Becoming established as a trustworthy brand is an important strategy for businesses who know their services will be needed at some point in customer interactions. If you establish strong brand awareness, and a reliable brand identity, when someone thinks of your products and services, they think of you! The power of Digital marketing Australia can enhance that Awareness faster than any other method. Digital marketing companies in Australia can help you in setting up ads that will allow you to target specific groups of people that fall under your target market.
Generate Leads
Customer leads ensure continuity of work in the pipeline. But it is important to capture the attention of your genuine customer base. Capturing customer information, and re-marketing to convert into sales, keeps you in control of the direction of your business, and positively affects customer retention. Once you control your pipeline, you control the growth of the company. A digital marketing agency Australia would allow you to assess the best practices to generate leads based on your customer demographic.
Grow Social Media
Social media is our most powerful modern marketing tool. Your followers are a captivated audience of customers and potential businesses, who are interested in, and choose to follow your business brand. Through social media you can educate, introduce new products and services, directly engage with your customer base, and entertain your audience. Increasing your number of followers, and establishing a clear and reliable social media identity, can greatly enable a higher ROI (return on investment) in the future. However, social media is not as easy as it looks. It is not as simple as posting a photo with some captions. Digital marketing companies in Australia can help you optimize social media in a way that would stop people scrolling and convert your traffic into sales.
Convert Website Traffic to Paying Customers
Do you know how many customers are viewing your website daily, weekly, or monthly? You may be getting a lot of customers coming to your website, but very few are converting to invested customers or genuine leads. Google refers to this as a high ‘bounce rate’ – i.e they are bouncing onto your website, and then bouncing away again. Our online marketing techniques, knowledge, and access to the latest software allow us to analyse and manipulate customer behaviour in your business's favour. Any digital marketing company-Australia will tell you what you want to hear, that you’ll increase sales, get more customer calls but what you want to see are results.

How can SEO Improve your Business?

Watch this video for an example of why keywords are vitally important for any Search Engine Optimisation strategy. It illustrates how optimised keywords get more customers to your website. The video follows a real-life SEO example, where a business owner was not able to retain website traffic to increase their customer retention or sales. The business owners’ SEO setup was not individualised to the business goals that were mostly generic terms which brought in website visitors that were not genuine potential customers.SEO plays a huge role in Online marketing Australia. This means learning how search engines work and how to optimize your website for it. Digital marketing companies in Australia would be able to let you know the keywords that you want to rank for, that you are currently ranking for if any and how to work towards improving these.Pro Digital Marketing Australia fixed these issues. We started by understanding the type of audience this business was attracting. We then completed keyword research-based on the type of customers they needed to support. Through education and training, we were able to help the business owner to understand  the right digital marketing strategies, and then further to optimise the business website – which resulted in daily website referrals. Prior to this, no website referrals had been acquired.

Digital Marketing Australia Simplified

You may have heard the term ‘Online Marketing’ or ‘Internet Marketing’. These services have been traditionally based on promoting your website. We take the difficulty out of the process, by taking care of your entire Digital Marketing Australia needs. This includes internet marketing for your website, social media marketing for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc, and we also take care of your website updates. Pro Digital Marketing knows how critical it is for your business to have a strong digital footprint. Getting your Marketing Strategy correct is a complicated process. On average there are 6 daily changes to Google’s ranking algorithm.Taking the extra time to understand and effectively implement the constantly evolving landscape of search engine optimisation (SEO) is going to impact your services, and take time away from your clients. This would impact the time of you or your employees, taking you away from what you do best. It sounds very complex and complicated, but that is how you put your best foot forward in your business and in online marketing Australia.Want to grow your business and keep your phone ringing with quality clients? Pro Digital Marketing will help you achieve your business goals by bringing more genuine customers to your business. We offer our clients a complete online marketing solution so they can rest easy knowing this part of their business is taken care of.

SEO Website and Digital Marketing Australia Simplified

Recent Work

theOPTOMETRIST had changed management and wanted more people visiting their practice and to begin reaching out to get new clients. They understood the scope, intricacy and benefit of engaging an Australian digital marketing company, and they wanted a digital marketing agency they could trust.

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What We Do as a Digital Marketing Agency-Australia?

What is SEO? And why do I need it?

Search Engine Optimisation, also known as SEO, is the process of making search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo understand why you deserve to be rated above your competition. It’s like having an online reputation. If you have a good reputation most people will recommend you. The internet is no different, if a search engine sees your website as a reputable source then it will rank you higher than your less reputable competitors.People on the first page of Google obtain 93% of the traffic to their websites. It’s not hard to see how this could impact your business.There are a lot of digital marketing companies in Australia that will offer various services necessary for online marketing Australia-it’s a matter of finding the best agency that makes sense to your brand and your business.

Why do I need a Digital Marketing Company?

Digital Marketing is a continuous effort and is a tedious task. Unless you have a dedicated team of experts, you risk losing progress and miss out on thousands of potential customer engagements.If you are busy physically telling people to go to ‘’ then you’ve got the internet around the wrong way. You need customers to be able to search for you online anytime and find you.An important reason why you want to utilize a Digital Marketing Australia Company is to access years of expert IT and SEO knowledge, maximize your business potential, and broaden your digital reach to engage and retain more customers. Utilizing this knowledge will convert active leads to your business, and is the way you will continue to grow your company. Word of mouth and traditional means of advertising are time-consuming and expensive, but more importantly, it has a limited reach and influence.When you have lots of customers and business leads to choose from, it provides you with options. Imagine how easy your next business decisions will be when you have a large backlog of customers knocking on your door.Our internet marketing team at Pro Digital Marketing has one purpose – we ensure that your potential customers can find you in just one search.Taking on search engines like Google or Bing is both daunting and difficult – even for many experienced digital marketing people. Don’t take on that stress yourself, get the Pro Digital Marketing experts to help you target the areas of business that you would rather be spending your time and focus on!

Digital Marketing
Pro Digital Marketing Australia SEO

How can I target Digital Marketing Australia-wide?

Our team at Pro Digital Marketing uses expert market analysis to reach all areas of Australia. We specialize in Digital Marketing Australia-wide, for products and services on a global scale. We have state-based SEO techniques and strategies that are localized to your business’s target audience.View our locations page to see a more in-depth analysis of how we look after different states and capitals with Digital Marketing Australia.Some of our clients are located in Australia, with products or services accessible internationally. This requires a clear and expert team with experience in targeting all across the world. We have tools and experiences that allow us to inspect how a business is ranking in specific areas of the globe, and then use this invaluable information to adjust our marketing strategy to focus on the areas that: (1) Bring in the largest amount of business (sales, customer engagement, customer retention, etc.) and (2) Improve ranking in areas where your product may not yet be as visible or easily found.This enables your website to be a consistent and powerful lead generation tool – allowing you to control the influx of work, and convert more potential customers in currently ‘untapped locations’. This experience results in business expansion, or allows you to choose the customers you want to work with.

We work on any type of website

Shopify website SEO
Wordpress Websites SEO
WIX SEO wix website
Squarespace SEO websites

As a digital marketing company Australia, we are equipped to handle various businesses in need of digital marketing Australia services.

As the leading digital marketing agency Australia, we will take the time to study your business, plan out a strategy and make sure that our plans align with your goals.

Digital Audit

Get a digital audit for your business today. Have our team analyze the digital marketing aspects and potential of your business. A website is often the first thing that comes to mind with digital marketing. However, you need to be aware of your overall digital presence. Request to understand your digital position today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A local digital marketing company-Australia means having a local understanding of the areas, businesses and competitors. Working on an international scale is the next level of understanding, and once you know your target market in Australia you can bring it to the world.

A business is not limited by its size and years in the industry to start amping up online marketing efforts. As a digital marketing company-Australia, we can tailor-fit a solution that will address your needs without going overboard with the cost.

You can always attempt to try digital marketing-Australia on your own. However, it requires tons of experience, skill and tools which makes hiring a digital marketing company-Australia the better option.

The cost of hiring a digital marketing-agency-Australia would vary depending on your goals. There are a lot of things that go under digital marketing-Australia but you can always start small…or go big! You can always request a quote or an audit and we’ll start from there. Getting digital marketing quotes in Australia can be tricky. Some companies will charge multiple thousands of dollars every month, and some will charge in the mid to high hundreds. Just remember that digital marketing is very unique and every company will do it differently, so competing on prices is not the best guide.

Establishing and growing your business online is a continuous process. Several case studies in the past show brands starting with SEO, seeing success and stopping efforts with their digital marketing agency, then see a drop in statistics. At this point, businesses should already have a digital marketing Australia strategy as part of the budget and plans.

EASY! Click the button below to get in touch with the best digital marketing agency in Australia. We’ll get you started with a digital audit and we can talk about your goals vis-a-vis your current standing online. As a digital marketing agency-Australia, we’ll help you grab the attention of your Aussie market, retain that attention and convert it into sales!

What are you waiting for? Take the first step today in giving your business a boost with Pro digital marketing Australia.


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