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SEO Serpstat: Your Next Favourite Free SEO Analysis and Management Tool

SEO page analysis

One of the goals of every digital marketing company Australia is to ensure the search engine optimisation (SEO) of web pages. This is done mainly to increase the digital footprint of websites, therefore boosting their market presence and possibly their overall sales output. Pro Digital Marketing Australia recommends Serpstat, an SEO Analytics tool, to help its digital marketers in performing their own search engine optimisation, without needing the assistance of a digital marketing agency Australia.

Serpstat is an accessible plug-in on Google Chrome. It is a free platform for anyone to use, for as long as the said browser is utilised. There is probably another digital marketing company Australia or SEO agency Australia that might request you to purchase or use several other SEO Analytics tools or plug-ins. However, there’s a tendency that you might be paying more on several tools than what you are actually earning from your marketing investment. When it comes to trying out SEO on your own, it is better to utilise the readily available functions of free SEO Analytics tools and plug-ins like Serpstat.

In this video, Pro Digital Marketing Australia shared how Serpstat can analyse the open page of a website based on SEO. Just by clicking the start analysis button, it will immediately assess the webpage opened. Instead of waiting for the updates from your hired SEO Agency Australia or reading through the website’s codes, you can easily access and sort out the information needed.


Unlike before, keywords are not as important to Google anymore, or at least they assess keywords differently. This is because a digital marketing company Australia or anyone handling SEO for different websites has the tendency to overuse keywords in several sections of the website copy. This results in a higher ranking but since it was used inappropriately, keywords are now used just to determine if they are present instead of actually making sense or being relevant to website visitors.


Serpstat allows anyone to view the headings for each page. The main headings and subheadings are treated equally by Google. With the said plug-in, one can determine whether a keyword is present in each heading and if it has been inserted persistently. By using this function, we get a picture of how Google looks at websites and pages without having to pay for the services of a digital marketing agency Australia.

serpstat headers and meta tags
Serpstat Headers and Meta Tags


Redirecting to outbound links and being redirected to is important in SEO. Google gives credit to sites that provide help by simply connecting one page to another using links, otherwise known as backlinking. This is also a good marketing strategy since your links are not just limited to external websites. In your website copy, you can also insert links from within the website to encourage website visitors to explore and discover what you offer.

Serpstat Backlink Analysis


The Serpstat plug-in also allows its users to analyse the images present on the webpage. The suggested image size for each is anywhere not over 500 KB (kilobytes). You have the option to upload them but it might cause you to lose your audience due to the prolonged waiting time for loading. Remember that if your viewer is not satisfied with the loading speed of your texts and images, they might as well just drop out of the page and might even land on your competitor’s. That’s a sale lost for you. Here is an article on how to resize your images for the web.

serpstat images and media
Serpstat Images and Media

Alternate text

One of the functions of Serpstat is that it determines if you have alternate texts also known as alt texts. These play an important role on your website because Google also takes credit for such entries. Alternate texts are helpful for people who have vision difficulties

Structured data

The next function from the plug-in is the evaluation of the structured data. The information gathered from this is the actual data one can share with Google. The structured data must be relevant and informative so your audience can also understand what your website is all about.

Speed and optimisation

Serpstat also measures the download speed of your website’s content. One must remember that the download time for interaction must be around 2.4 seconds or better. Meanwhile, going over 3 seconds will either cause you to lose your audience or have a lower ranking from google. Check out our article on how we improved website speed by over 300%.

serpstat general information
Serpstat General Information

Text Analysis

Lastly, the text analysis function of Serpstat identifies the font and style of your website copy. Google considers these when ranking a website. It also shows the total word count as well as the total character count per page, which you may use if you have specific considerations.

Final Thoughts

Though Pro Digital Marketing Australia is not connected or affiliated with Serpstat, you can use the tool as a plug-in for SEO. However, if you feel like this is too complicated or you have no time to work on your website’s SEO, give us a call. Pro Digital Marketing Australia uses a number of tools together with a team of digital marketing experts to ensure that your website ranks in search engines like Google and is seen by your target market.


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