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Paid Advertising

Driving more traffic to your website by paying for an increasing rank in different search engines.

Quickest Way to Increase

Think of paid advertising as paying people to come to your website and SEO as people discovering your website on their own. Paid Advertising or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is the quickest way to get to the top of the list when people are searching for your business on a search engine, but it comes at a cost.There are lots of businesses using Paid Advertising, and it can easily hurt your bottom line if you get it wrong. During our experience in the Digital Market, we have developed proven successful strategies to utilize the instant traffic that Paid Advertising brings alongside a more long-term strategy of organic SEO growth.

  • Good SEO = Better ROI
  • A finely tuned strategy of SEO and Paid Advertising yields the best results.
  • Hit the ground running
Advantages and Disadvantages of Paid Advertising

Our Process

Great websites add great value to your business. From wire-framing to PSD designing, we do it all.

Paid advertising | Pay per click marketing


The first step to understanding the effective paid advertising strategy for a website is understanding what are the search terms that users are looking for, and which search terms are generating website traffic. Our SEO expert team will analyze the keywords for you. We will then tailor a paid advertising strategy for the keywords that are going to bring you the greatest return.

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SEO process


An advertising strategy needs to be based on the type of customers you are trying to reach. Profiling existing customers and their needs help understand the audience that the business is interested in. This helps build on a strategy that will see more potential clients finding your website. Pro Digital Marketing focuses on customer conversion and tracking a customer’s journey. If the customers that are coming to your website are not interested in your product, then there is no gain, and money is being wasted. This is where paid ad optimisation is necessary

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As the customer is navigating through your website we want to see what they are browsing and for how long. We also want to track if they emailed, called, or tried to get in contact. These statistics help in determining if the customer is a potential buyer or not. What search terms led them to your website?Building on this knowledge is immensely important to target paying for traffic to customers who are potential buyers and not paying for customers wanting to browse.

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This process does not have an end. Paid advertising is an evolutionary service. It needs constant refining to improve and target the right customers. People need to be careful with paid advertising. With the wrong advertising strategy, you could be spending thousands with little to no return.

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We keep our clients informed on the progress and updates that have been made to their paid advertising campaigns. We produce monthly statistics on the usages of the keywords that are attached to the advertising campaign. We then show the increase of our client’s potential customer calls an action any the “call to action” are resulting from this campaign.

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Why do you need a Google AdWords Agency?

AdWords and PPC Hobart

The giant of search engines is Google. It accounts for 92% of all searches on the internet all over the world. When people that fall under your target market search for your keywords, you want your website to come out on top. This would mean people see your website first compared to the thousand others in your industry.

1 | A Google Adwords Agency knows how to do it. You can’t experiment for free

Let’s say your company decides to explore and experiment with Google Ads Management internally and just ask some members of the marketing team to learn GoogleAds…you still need a budget. Another thing is, how long will you be tinkering with Google Ads? Next thing you know is that you’ve spent over 2 months and spent a lot of your budget but with minimal to zero results. A Google AdWords agency will ensure that your budget would mean clicks for your website. Experts at Pro Digital Marketing will work on your website to help you push your website to the top, minus the tinkering stage.

2 | A Google AdWords Agency has the experience and best practices

This team of professionals that make up a Google AdWords Agency have years of experience and training in Google Ads Management and running successful paid advertising strategies bringing in clients for customers. They’ve done the experimenting, training and learning on their part and all there’s left is to help brands like yours create a good impression online.

3 | A Google AdWords Agency has connections that you may not have

Normally, a Google AdWords Agency has direct contact with a Google representative. Hiring an agency to help you with paid advertising and Google ads management. Not that having connections with Google makes a difference in the performance of Google Ads, but more of having direct access to new information, tips and tricks can become an advantage. Also note that Google assigns representatives to walk through your Google ads campaign every quarter and these representatives ask you to do things to your campaign that often result in high costs or lower conversions.

4 | A Google AdWords Agency knows how to deliver results and what results to achieve

In Google Ads management, there are certain KPIs (Key Point Indicators) that you would want to monitor and achieve. This is not similar to your social media KPIs or SEO KPIs. KPIs of a Google AdWords Agency in Google Ads management would be the likes of clicks, click-through rate, cost per click, quality score and a whole lot more. Even if you are the CEO of a company, you would not know how to work with these KPIs unless you really studied and took the time to learn Google Ads management. A Google AdWords Agency knows what to plan, what to do and when to do certain tasks to attain your goals.

Adwords and PCC Brisbane

What to look for in a Google AdWords Agency?

A Google AdWords Agency provides brands with the skills and expertise in running ads on Google. This may come as a surprise to some, but Google Ads management is not that easy if you don’t have the experience and knowledge about running ads on Google. You can try it yourself and spend a lot of money and time with minimal results or simply hire a Google AdWords agency to jumpstart paid advertising on Google for your brand.

  1. Hire a Google AdWords Agency that listens and understands your brandIn business, it is not the best decision to work with people who do not take the time to get to know you as a brand. A Google Adwords agency will be working with a certain budget and would have an effect on how you appear online. Make sure they understand your goals, your pain points and your current status as a company.
  2. Look for a Google Adwords Agency with transparencyGoogle Ads management would only be deemed successful based on reports and analytics of data. Even if the agency does the Google ads management work, as the client you should have full access to the amount you’ve spent versus the result that was delivered. This way, you know what’s working for you and what does not.
  3. Engage with A Google Adwords Agency that can be flexibleThe thing is, for some service providers, there is a certain lock-in period or minimum contract term. Although it makes sense that digital marketing efforts do not deliver results overnight, some companies may want to withdraw certain services due to various reasons. Try to look for an agency that can offer you a service term that is reasonable for your business and for your budget. Google Ads management takes some time to reflect on your business numbers but is definitely worth it. However, it does not mean that you have to force it.



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