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Content is everything on your website, that is why successful brands dedicate a specific budget to work with a content marketing agency.

Content is what text, images, and information you have on your website. You would want content that makes your website visitors call, send you an email or schedule a meeting with you. Even content that ensures your customers spend a lot of time learning on your webpage is extremely beneficial for SEO optimisation.

Getting their attention is one thing, but getting them engaged is what you really need. These are things that a content marketing agency specializes on to ensure that you have content that drives traffic and engagement.

Holding your audience’s attention and keeping them on a page for a certain amount of time will tell you if your content is effective. One of the highest search engine ranking factors is how long your audience stays on a particular page.

Why do you need engaging content?

When a customer leaves a webpage after only visiting the first page it is called a “bounce”. This is because they are “bouncing” out of your website after coming to it.Search engines track what is called bounce rate. This value is the number of people that are bouncing out of the website compared to the number of people that remain navigating through the pages. You want to encourage users to have low bounce rates.This shows that your overall website has value and the audience is engaged by the website. The other metric that is very important to track is session duration. This is the average time a user remains on a webpage. Likewise, if the average session duration is very short this means your customers are not learning anything from your content and therefore it is not providing value. Search engines like Google, are geared to showing customers a result that will provide the most value based on what they are searching for. You don’t want search engines to think your content is of little value, as this will result in lower search engine rankings. When you work with a content marketing agency, they can tell you which among your website content is doing good that you should focus on and which ones are not.

Example of Bounce Rates and Average User Session for SEO
SEO pictures are important

What makes an engaging webpage?

Rarely will simple text and explanations engage an audience. You know the saying “A picture is worth 1000 words”? Images help audiences engage with the topic and understand it better, they also make the page more aesthetically pleasing.These are great ways to engage audiences. Infographics are a type of image that helps explain the content with visually appealing summaries. This way, audiences have a visual to assist them in understanding the content on your website. Similarly, diagrams and videos are also very helpful resources in engaging audiences. Using a variety of each of these mediums is the best way to keep your audience on the page.A content marketing agency like Pro Digital Marketing have experts in content writing and can provide help and advice on the best ways to write your content. They combine lots of different strategies to provide an excellent value webpage to customers to encourage optimum time spent on a webpage.

My Content is Ready, Where are The People?

If you have made very engaging content and you want your target customers to see it, it needs to be easy to find. There are two ways to get content to your intended audience, passive and active.2 ways to get content to our audience:

  1. Passive is a way of people naturally finding the content on your webpage. SEO is the way to get this done and a content marketing agency would make sure that all your content on your website (as much as possible) is SEO-driven. SEO provides an excellent return on investment as customers are finding your information from searches in search engines. Writing your content with the right keywords and understanding how to make that content optimized for search engines is the best way to passively drive traffic to your website.
  2. Active strategies work by pushing the content to the user via mediums like social media, public blog posts, and email newsletters. These are great ways to promote your content, they also show how invested you are. If you are not willing to share your content, that suggests that you don’t even think it’s worth people’s time to read. Active strategies are great ways to start driving traffic to your content as soon as it’s created. Passive strategies will take longer to eventuate and are completed well by an active strategy.

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Search Engine Optimisation Tips from a Content Marketing Agency:

  1. Create content with optimized keywords for your business strategy.
  2. Write content that you are willing to share.
  3. Share content on social media to bring audiences to your webpage.
  4. Create images and infographics to support your content.
  5. Tag your metadata to explain what is on your webpage.
  6. Add alt text to your images to describe their relevance.

If you’re having trouble with your content marketing strategy, read our blog on the topic and see if working with a content marketing agency is the better option.As a content marketing agency, our team of content strategists will help you develop a plan for the content that will be the most engaging to your audience and the search engines trying to find you. They will then assist in writing the copy for the website ensuring it is optimally maximized for search engine web crawlers.We always work closely with our clients to ensure our content aligns with the vision and strategy of your organisation.

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