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Logo and Branding

We’ll create custom tailored logo specifically for your company.

Why Branding Matters?

A product or service can be offered by many different companies. This product could be exactly the same or it could be better in some way.Make sure that when someone visits your website they are aware of where they are and who they are visiting. They need to associate your brand with the type of service you offer to remind them each time they need the service to think of your brand style.

  • Instant brand recognition
  • Beautiful and modern design that makes a difference
  • A brand palette to tie your logo and website brand together
Logo and branding

Our Process

Pro Digital Marketing’s expert team of brand designers will create a beautiful design to ensure your customers enjoy their website browsing experiences.

Logo and branding


The process begins with understanding your current logo and branding colour. From here we research your industry and the local competition. These factors are critical to designing a logo that speaks to your customers and a colour scheme that matches the product or service you provide.

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Logo and branding

Logo Mock-ups

To provide the best online marketing experience we give plenty of logo options for you to choose from. Each option will be provided with professional recommendations for you to choose the logo that suits you and your business.You have the freedom to change the design anytime through out the process, but this is generally the best phase to make any changes.

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Logo and branding


Logo’s and colour schemes help to bring a cohesive website together.The colour scheme is best to decide once the logo is created. A company logo has a strong influence over what colours will suit the brand. A professionally developed website and logo allows entire colour changes to be modified with ease. 

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Logo and branding

Final Logo and Theme

You have reached the most exciting stage at this point.We deliver you the finalised images and a 3 or 6 palette colour scheme. Your brand identity has been formed and ready to be shown to the world.You are able to use these images to update business cards, advertisements, shop fronts, or anywhere else you need your branding for customers.

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