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SEO, Website How can I leverage SEO with content marketing?

Content Marketing

If you are running a business or you have a website to manage, you’ve probably heard of the term SEO or Search Engine Optimisation services for Australian Digital Marketing. This is a common strategy that websites should be doing in order to drive more traffic. Search Engine Optimisation services  use the power of text and keywords to make your website more visible and discoverable. For instance, if you have owned a dermatology clinic and you want people to go to your website to view your services and schedule their appointments, posting relevant content like “What You Need for Proper Skin Care” can potentially drive your digital market to your website. However, that is just one part of using SEO to your advantage. Let’s go through the rest. 

Make it Relevant to Your Digital Market

Like the example used above, your content should be useful to your target audience but at the same time relevant to your brand. Begin by generating content for your website and brand to start to gain credibility with your digital audience. You will need enough content to build your website with the relevant pages. Having more pages is generally preferable since each page can inform your audience directly of one topic. Writing copy that drives traffic and hold attention is what content marketing agency do, and you can do it yourself. 

You want to establish an authority on your topic or industry. This gains trust and people search you out to learn about a product. When customers use you as the authority figure on a topic, then they will easily be persuaded to buy your products since they trust you. 

A great hint for making content that will draw audiences to your pages and encourage them to share that information is personal expereinces. People are starting to care less about the expert in the feild who has studied the most, they care about someone who has hit the problem they are facing and want to know how they solved it. Sharing your expereinces as a company about how you solved a problem or gap in the market or even why your passionate about the industry will automatically gain trust.

Content can refer to blog articles, feature photos and videos that come with a strategic copy. When all of this content is being developed, it is important to take into consideration the keywords that matter to your business. 

Google uses algorithms that determine which sites to give more visibility to depending on the keywords plus the information provided to users searching on Google. To score better on Google, consider using keyword research tools such as SEMrush, Wordtracker or Wordstream. An Alternative free option for finding keywords is using Google Ads, as you search different keywords people use to find your business, it will give you an idea of if there is a high or low search traffic and if these keywords are easy or hard to compete for. Note: The competition for these keywords is based on them being paid for and not using SEO, but there is generally a pretty good correlation between difficulty in ranking in SEM and SEO. SEM – Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads), SEO – Search Engine Optimisation (Organic Google Search)

Make Good Impressions

Once you get your digital audience to go to your website, the next thing to worry about is your bounce rate. Bounce rate is determined by how long will it take before customers  leave your website? Ensuring that your content is relevant and useful will mean customers stay on your website for longer. This is going to shrink your bounce rate and show Google that people value your content. . The right content and website elements in the right place will convert leads. Show off and entice using website banners with great copy and featured content on the side while people building trust and interest with your product knowledge. This can be your products, services or other articles. 

To make a good impression, it is not enough that you have a blog article containing all the right keywords. Your content should make sense to your audience. Be clear and concise. Get to the point and avoid repetitive statements. Finally, learn when to educate and when to sell. Your website copy should do both. For instance, if you are a business owner looking to outsource a digital marketing Australia team like Pro Digital Marketing, you would first want to know more about what digital marketing is right? You would want to see numbers, facts and even their portfolio. Once you’ve laid that out, customers trust you, and  you start selling.

Use Powerful CTAs or Call-to-actions

Once you’ve told your story and have generated a  need in your audience for your products and services, it is time to give them an action. This vital in any ad or marketing strategy whether that is traditional or digital marketing. Examples of these are “shop now”, “start selling”, “book an appointment”, “schedule a meeting” and it goes on. This basically leads them to the objective of your content and of your website. For example, if you are hosting an event, you can have a page on your website talking about that event: venue, date, time and other details. At the bottom of the content, you should have a button that tells them to “Buy Tickets” or “Reserve a Seat”. This would then allow you to meet your objective of making people attend your event. CTAs don’t just have to be in a form of buttons. Your call to actions should also be a part of your website copy. This way, you can lead your digital market audience to convert to sales.. Essentially , your CTAs plays a big part in converting your website visitors into actual leads

Using a content marketing agency

Using a Search Engine Optimisation service is a very important part of your digital marketing australia strategy. At this day and age, if you want to be seen online, you have to start optimizing your website for search engines through your web copy, back-linking and blog articles. However, note that SEO is not fixed. That is why when maintaining your website, you should also monitor they keyword quality and quantity. If you think that this is a lot of work, we’ll cut to the chase, it is. If you do not plan on doing this on your own, you can always outsource a professional content marketing agency to support your marketing strategies.

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