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What is LOCAL SEO? Why is it necessary?

How can Local SEO assist your business to increase its search visibility.

A local SEO campaign is the best way to connect local consumers with local companies.We can help you promote your business to your local customers at the precise time they are looking for it?  Every day thousands of customers use their mobile device looking for the best local businesses in their area.If your business doesn’t have a local SEO strategy you are neglecting the easiest form of organic traffic. Our tailored local SEO strategy can get your site ranked on Google as well as local business directories such as yelp, Google and Apple maps, Bing pages for business, foursquare etc.Local SEO promotes businesses that serve their communities face-to-face. This could be a brick-and-mortar business with physical premises, like a shop or office, or it could be a service-area business that operates throughout a certain geographical area, such as gardening maintenance or cleaning company.

We put the 'Local' in local SEO

Our local SEO Company Australia will help you attract new customers to your business with a local search engine marketing strategy. With our help you can target your audience by getting listed and found first before your competition.It is important to know there is more to just getting noticed first. You need to make your offering appealing to your customers. It needs to show relevant information and offers your business can make to show the quality of your work. Reviews and ratings are great ways to show how customers have interacted with your business and the benefits they obtained.Pro Digital Marketing is your local SEO Company Australia specialist combining search engine optimisation with years of local sales and marketing experience. We will make sure your business is seen, your location appears in a local search on Google (location data or citation management), manage online ratings and reviews, local-centric social media engagement and beyond.

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Local SEO based on Experience

We know what it takes to be successful in both the real bricks and mortar world as well as the highly competitive online marketplace. Successful local SEO means building on a strong foundation to ultimately gain a competitive edge.We know SEO is a continual process that helps you build a strong brand image which is why it is so important to continually sync your local SEO with your business and brand to maintain a lead over your competition and stay ahead on Google.As part of a targeted campaign to create the best SEO Australia online presence we will optimise your Google My Business profile. This essential platform displays your business profile across a variety of Google products such as Google Maps to increase your rankings, traffic and revenue.We know the importance of utilising and optimising all the features offered to your business online – it is not as simple as posting a Google My Business profile and forgetting about it. Google My Business is linked to your SEO, they work hand in hand with your online marketing strategy.Read more about Mastering Google My Business

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We will make your business profile and visibility optimised through exposure to web directories and business databases such as online yellow pages directories, review sites, local newspaper sites and blogs. Combining these profiles, with Google My Business and Local SEO together is the key to success in your industry.Speak to one of our Australia SEO specialists and find out how. Our process begins by analysing your current Local SEO profile and where your initial gains can be obtained. From here we plan the long term strategy to progressing the Local SEO to completely optimise your business! Call us on 1300 998 778

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