Website Security

In web marketing Australia, your emphasis on Website Security reflects on your customer care. Protection for your customers and business are of most importance.
Website Security

Common Website Security Practices

We take security seriously at Pro Digital Marketing. We make sure that we protect your users’ information as well as ensuring your website is free from malicious attacks even in the efforts of Australia digital marketing.

Hackers on the web are getting more and more sophisticated in their attacks. Web marketing Australia requires tools and platforms to fulfill tasks and services. Most websites have a login where you can edit content or allow staff or users to add content. It becomes very useful for editing and accessing the website. However, it does leave gateways for malicious users to access your data and potentially to take over your website.

Of course, in Australia digital marketing, there are common security practices that need to be followed to get the best security applied to your website. Each website is different and requires different protection mechanisms to avoid any security breaches.

Our Security Process

The steps needed to protect a website are as follows:

Types of Security Breaches


A denial of service attack aims to brute force overload your website and bring the server down from not being able to handle the amount of traffic it is being requested.

Manual Break-in

An exposed password is obtained to your website and this enables an attacker to have access to your entire website. This is needed to be prevented at all costs

SQL injection

There are a lot of websites with databases. These databases are often exposed on your website URL. The database is going to hold your most precious data. The database can be hacked from brute force attacks or via an SQL injection. This is where an attacker sends a normal request to your website, but then the website looks up data from the database it shouldn’t and sends it back to the customer. Ensuring you have the latest updates and installing verified plugins is the best way to prevent this.


Cross-site scripting is the process of an attacker injecting javascript into your website, which is then exposed when your customers log into the website and send their login details to the attacker. They then have access to your entire website.

Brute Force attack

If the right security is not used for login and passwords, then a service can be used by an attacker to try combinations on your website of usernames and passwords to eventually gain access. Often your email or username is located on your website, so the attacker only needs to guess the password. With computers doing the work for them, this can be discovered in minutes or hours.

Web Application Firewall SEO website description

What is a WAF?

A Web Application firewall is a great preventative from many attacks. The WAF sits between a user’s computer and your website, they detect attackers and block them before they can do damage to your website. WAFs are aware of many of the types of attacks that malicious users do and can intercept these attacks, they can then look to disabling a user from accessing your website so they are blocking future attacks from the same people. They also have lists of addresses of malicious people who are attacking other websites and can prevent them from coming across to your website.

We protect our clients’ websites from all kinds of security threats so you can rest easy knowing that your data is safe.

Wordpress Websites SEO

Some Info on WordPress attacks

According to WordPress, in web marketing Australia, one of the largest used website applications, it powers over 38% of all websites on the internet today. It is also responsible for managing 63.6% of all CMS (Content Management Systems) on the internet. This is both a good thing and a bad thing.

Let’s start with the good. WordPress is used by so many people over the internet their software is updated often and maintained well. They are actively supporting security updates and looking after their customers. There are also thousands of plugins you can use to adapt your website easily to anything you need.

Now the bad, WordPress is very common and that makes it more enticing for attackers to hack since they can apply the same hacking technique to all the other WordPress websites. This is traditionally the reason Windows OS on PCs has been targeted for many years because 77% of the world uses it. See Global Stats Counter for more information.

If you are going to find a way to hack into a service, the one with the most opportunity is what the attacker targets.

Don’t worry, it is not all bad. Just like Windows OS, if you implement the best controls you will be protected and attackers will find other sites to attack instead. Let our security-minded team help you stay safe and keep you and your customer safe.