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Search Engine Optimization

Generate more business and leads from your website by increasing your ranking in the most popular search engines.

Reaching the Top!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is what ensures your business is the first result people find when they go looking for your trade or industry on the internet.If you are found on the second page of Google, you are practically invisible and that’s not good for business.Pro Digital Marketing is an SEO Company based in Melbourne and Brisbane and knows that your priority is to get more customers; enabling you to take on the clients that suit you best.The more clients you get, the more control you have over your business. We are here to make that a reality. We study the latest tech trends and apply them to your digital footprint daily. This is part of our SEO basics package. This allows you to sleep peacefully with the knowledge that your digital marketing strategy is working for you and you can focus on what you do best.

What we can do for you:

  • Provide market-leading keywords that drive traffic to your website faster.
  • Give content ideas to engage your audiences
  • SEO Basics and Link building strategies that boost your ranking
Internet Marketing SEO Breakdown showing content, traffic, site architecture, backlinks, onpage and offpage, indexing keywords
SEO Basics Package from SEO Company Melbourne and Brisbane

SEO Basics Package

Our clients are required to have an SEO basics package that we tailor to your individual industry. This is our signature process that ensures you are always improving reaching number 1. We offer training to teach you the SEO basics method and understand why these processes are necessary in building up your online presence. If you want to take ownership of your SEO work we will work with you to know what to do and provide assistance. We often find that customers who have decided to take on the SEO basics work for themselves, didn’t realise just how much work they would need to put into it. However, we don’t shy away from helping the companies that want to work with us. We are in this together and we want to help businesses who are willing to put in the time and effort to rank in Google, or at least provide us with the funding so we can do it for you!

Our Process

There are a lot of companies claiming they can obtain great SEO results for your website. So what sets us apart from the rest?Our 5-stage process is specifically designed for each unique website. We ensure your money is only directed to finding the potential customers that are searching for your business and not getting the right results. SEO is an investment that we often see results in ROI of greater than 200%.

Website Auditing Capabilities

Website Audit

A comprehensive SEO basics audit is the first step in the process; think of it as a health check-up for your website. This is an extremely important step for SEO companies in Melbourne and SEO companies in Brisbane to understand the competition. The SEO basic principle of maximizing your audience is to understand what demand lies in the market and who you are chasing in the SEO race.At Pro Digital Marketing we identify what are the technical issues that are found on your website causing lower search engine rankings. More importantly, we find the SEO basics and optimisation opportunities that your website can improve right now and in the future. This creates a roadmap to continually increase traffic to your website. To get your website ranked number 1 in Google and start getting the customers that haven’t found your website yet, you need to know first what is your current state;. The audit helps us build a custom-designed SEO basics strategy to meet your goals.Audits provide you with the following information:

  • Checking of indexed pages vs published pages
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Hosting and Content Management System (CMS) review
  • Google Analytics script check
  • Hosting/IP address check
  • Website speed testing
  • Mobile Responsive web design check
  • Search engine position ranking (top 25)
  • SEO basics improvements and enhancements
  • Human element detection testing
  • On-page sitemap check
  • Review of the meta and title tag structure
  • Robots.txt check
  • Search Engine verification vision report
  • Webmaster Tools review
  • XML sitemap check
  • And more…

Next Process
SEO process


Once a website audit is completed, we can plan-out a customised strategy to get you to the top of the results page faster than other SEO Companies in Melbourne and Brisbane. A hand-picked consultant suiting your business and process will be there to show you every gain and success obtained. The SEO basics strategy needs to have both a short-term direction and a long-term roadmap that will continue to meet results.Strategies can include the following:

  • Keywords to start driving searches to your website that you are currently missing
  • A paid ad campaign that will drive quality traffic without breaking the bank
  • Authentic link building strategy
  • Google business directory set up

Next Process
SEO process


Search engines look into websites for key phrases or words to understand the context of a page and determine its authenticity. The amounts and consistency of these keywords directly influence how high it ranks in any online search. Search engine optimisation is an ever-changing landscape. Online search engines are always improving and becoming more advanced. This is why without an SEO basics package you can never reach your audience on Google.Successful SEO strategies yesterday, may not work tomorrowIt is our job to be ahead of the rest and ensure your business gets the best results. The next stage of the process is finding the best keywords that suit the traffic that is seen on a range of search engines. Next is an SEO basics principle, where you can strategically place these words on your site to gain much better quality clients. This process does not stop as long as you’re a client with us. It needs continual refinement and optimisation to obtain the best results. Pro Digital Marketing will be your full time partner as a SEO company in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Next Process
SEO process


Once we know what the SEO basics keywords are for your business are, you need content that is engaging for your audience, explains your products and services, and easy to read. Content can take many forms: blog posts, product pages, pdfs, videos, forums, and more. Everything on your website and social media pages are “content”. This includes the images, text, website code, and any social media text. There is also content on other websites that link to your site and Google Ads content that is vitally important to monitor.You may have heard the terms “Copy”, “Copywriter”,” Content writer” and “Content Strategist”. These roles all play an important part in retaining customers and evolving your business online. Our specialized content team will bring this process together along with a range of other SEO website optimisations to boost your rankings to the top of the online searches.

Next Process
SEO process


We’ve been told our monthly reports are the best and most honest of SEO companies in Melbourne and Brisbane. We provide you with monthly reports of the work that has gone into improving your website. Rest easy with the knowledge that while you are working hard in your business your entire digital marketing solution is improving.Reports contain the following information:

  • SEO ranking improvements
  • New keywords to target
  • Website UX (User eXperience) changes
  • Website performance enhancements
  • Social media activity
  • External links gained
  • Business reviews
  • Website metrics improvements

Next Process


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