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Website Optimisation

Website optimisation will get the best performance out of your website. Often, making the right website optimisations can be difficult, so using an expert to get that right is important.

Impress your customers quickly

Website optimisation is necessary to ensure search engines are ranking your website high and that your customers stay on your website.1-3 seconds is all you get to impress a new potential client. If your website hasn’t loaded in this time, 68% of users have left.This is why it is critical to ensure great website optimisation performance.Read this article about how we were able to obtain a 330% increase in website speed.

How long is your attention?

Speed is everything in the world of Digital.

We make websites fast for two reasons, to keep your clients happy and to keep Google happy.

Search engines love a website that loads fast on computers and mobiles. The average user waits 2-3 seconds for a page to load. You will lose customers if they are waiting longer than 3 seconds for the site to load, because they correlate website speed and design with the quality of the business.

Read more from Google about their website retention research

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Speed is everything in the world of Digital

Have you ever been to a drive through take away shop and waited for longer than 10 minutes. at that point you are sick awaiting you don’t want to know why it’s taken this long or any listen to any excuses as to why they’re taking that long. you want your food, you expect it fast, and you want to leave. some people would leave and find another takeaway shop they are that frustrated and some people will never go back.

we fix these problem on our clients websites.  you want users that are going to stay on your website because it’s fast, because it has the information they need and because if they want buy the services or products that you sell.

Have you ever asked yourself “Why is my website slow?”

There are a range of reasons causing a website to be slow.

Here are a list of reasons a website could be slow

  • The distance from the hosting service to the computer looking at the website
  • How many websites the host is running on the same computer
  • A specific plugin you have installed on your site
  • Installing too many plugins on a site
  • Not using any website optimisations tools
  • Using the wrong optimisation tool
  • Not using encryption on your website
  • Not using browser caching
  • Not using compression techniques like gzip
  • Not minifying your javascript and CSS styles
  • Loading all your website resources at the beginning of a website page request
  • Not implementing CDN technologies
Slow Websites cause SEO issues | Pro Digital Marketing fast websites
Rubix cube showing difficulty of website optimisation

Website Optimisation is difficult

Making a website fast can be really difficult especially if you want to have videos or you want to have buttons that are interactive, presentations or any other modern website feature. There are aspects to consider on how a mobile will load your website versus how a desktop computer would load your website. there’s things to consider from the technology that you’ve used to build your website. distance can play a really large factor in our website. These are all issues that our experts at Pro digital marketing have come across before the team the website team take great pleasure in insuring a website loads under the recommended three seconds and delivers its content to its user fast and efficient we also improve factors such as website page size so the user is not downloading far more data than is necessary.

A bit about Search Engines

There is lots of context about improving search engines on this page, so let’s delve into the why. The most obvious aspect is that a website with great performance means its users are going to be happy they can retrieve all the information they want in a timely manner. The less obvious aspect is that search engines give each website a crawl budget. Crawling is what search engines call looking at every page on your website. Search engines spent time looking all over the internet to find what web pages they should display when people search. Therefore they need to give an allocated time to each website before they move onto the next. This means that if they spend all their time downloading your first or second page, then you need to wait until they come back again later to crawl some more. It might take weeks or months to index your whole site with a very slow website. You don’t want that, you want your new content indexed and on search engines as soon as it is created. So making your website fast also means users can find your content faster too.

Internet Marketing SEO Breakdown showing content, traffic, site architecture, backlinks, onpage and offpage, indexing keywords
Fast Car image showing the need for Website Optimisation for Enhanced Website speed

The need for speed

The ranking factor that google places on website speed is only part of the equation. In this day and age we’ve become used to how fast technology can be. It is an expectation of your customers. A fast loading website will provide a better experience and customers will stay on your site longer. The longer they stay the more google ranks you higher, the higher you rank the more people that visit your site. Now you have more people visiting your site you need to be ensuring your site is still fast and can handle the extra traffic. This is the secret to a successful search engine improvement strategy.

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