Keywords are what google is looking for in your website to know what product or service you offer.

It is also the phrases that people are searching on the web. When your content marries up with the phrases people are searching and you apply good SEO techniques to that content you are going to see an increase of calls and leads for your growing business.

A popular plugin for keywords is Yoast. Here is a link to find out more about their information of keywords.

Keyword Ranking

Looking for a ‘search engine optimization company Melbourne’ that combines the latest technology with local sales and marketing experience.

The most important step we take in optimizing your business potential is to understand your business, your target market and how your customers are searching for similar content, services or products.

The importance of focusing on what your customers want is the answer to successfully becoming a top ranked business. We recognize your business is unique and requires a fully customized approach to stand out from the competition. The best way to do this is crafting content that satisfies both the users and search engines.

The way you describe your business, your product or service may not be the same as your target audience is actually searching for online. We will identify the most optimal transactional keywords to guide customers directly to you. In fact we have strategies for both high & low competition keywords and ways to make these work for you. Without a customized approach to successful Keyword ranking it can take years of effort to outperform your competition.

The power of targeted keyword research will show you WHAT people are searching, HOW MANY are searching and the BEST format to present this information for the best strategic advantage.

We can also help you maximize successful WordPress SEO, WIX SEO and Squarespace SEO as well as targeted SEO copywriting and Transactional Keywords for your online content.

Speak to one of our Melbourne SEO specialists and find out how.