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Mobile website

Mobile Website Design is more than just working on one mobile device. Make sure everyone can use your website.

Mobile website design is dead

The term “mobile website design” is dead. There is no cost benefit in creating a seperate mobile site for just mobile devices as this doubles your web development work. There are so many electronic devices available that can browse the web now that all require a mobile friendly website design. You cannot cater for simple one size fits all mobile devices website and likewise with PC too. You must have a Mobile optimised website.

You’ve been to a website on your phone where you have to scroll left and right, or pinch to zoom in and out to use the website. It is difficult to use and there are many things a user moulds miss that could be of value to retaining or adding new customers to your business. We won’t let this happen to you.

Responsive Web design - not just mobile
Screen Website Optimisation

Cater for all Mobile website screen sizes

It is standard practice to accomodate 4 screen size differences. These consist of the smallest mobile device width (300px), a more common mobile width (370px), a tablet width (760px) and a PC (1366px+) width. The means that your website will look slightly different for the each of these sizes. It is known as a breakpoint when a website switches between catering for one size to another.

The term “Responsive” is used to refer to a type of website that responds to these different devices.

Pro Digital Marketing ensures all of its customers websites are responsive. This means higher customer satisfaction when your customers are browsing your website. Your users can be out on the run on their phone, or using the convince of their tablet or on their PC. With a responsive website design they will be able to use the website the exact same way with no degradation of service.

The link between SEO and responsive mobile website design

SEO ranking is based on many factors. Two of the biggest ranking factors are the amount of web traffic visiting your website and the time users spend on your website.

If your website isn’t optimised for a mobile friendly website design then you are potentially losing people visiting the website on their non-PC device. This means they are leaving your website early and causing your website ranking to drop. This will in turn result in less people sharing your website, which will cause further ranking issues.

SEO in Australia

50% of web traffic is from mobile devices in Australia. Imagine saying to half your customer we can only provide our service to 50% of customers. Sounds ridiculous, we want you to reach your entire customer audience and for them to have confidence in your brand.

We help uplift or rebuilt customers websites to ensure they reach their entire audience.

The search engine ranking determining a websites speed in measured from overseas, which means websites located in Australia can take even longer to load. There is a mobile tax the search engines add to these speeds as mobiles traditionally have a slower internet connection. This will hurt SEO ranking factors if the right steps to remediate are not taken. Our expert web development team at Pro Digital Marketing can convert your website to a Mobile Friendly website. This removes the negative speed impact so that your website is fast all around the world and search engines are happy to promote your search engine ranking.

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