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SEO Analysis

SEO analysis is the key to telling your online success

Continual SEO site analysis tracking for success

We refer to performance measures using all kinds of names: KPI, PI, NPS, lead indicator, lag indicator, Customer satisfaction, reviews, index, ROI, CSAT, key figure, to name a few.You track these in your business to know how successfully your business is performing. They are necessary elements to determine if there is improvements to be made and they can often point to the cause/solution.Likewise we track metrics from your website such as traffic into your website, links referring to your website, customer duration on the site, where the customer came from, etc. These metrics are what govern online success.According to SEM rush time spent on a webpage is the 4th most important ranking factor from search engines. This means that is your users are not staying on your website for very long it is likely the user experience is not up to scratch. If your competitors websites are more engaging and users are spending more time on your competitors sites. Then it’s not hard to see why they are going to rank better in search results.When you work with Pro Digital Marketing we provide a specific google analytics consultant to your website. They provide you with monthly analytics reports to understand where you are positioned. Our customers find high value in the monthly report as they get more insight about customers and their website navigation. The SEO analysis combined with a meeting to walk through the statistics helps us collaborate in business growth towards the best business direction.

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