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$1500 Website


Original price was: $2,000.00.Current price is: $1,500.00.

You need a website built by an Australian based company for your business.

We specialise in helping small businesses with their website needs to ensure they are able to reach their digital audience and be found on the internet.

We have been building websites for over 10 years and we love what we do.

This website build includes:

  • Fully functional 5-7 page website
  • Contact information and location
  • Contact form for generating leads
  • Access to expert marketing help
  • Images for your website
  • Australian Built


    • Wide range of designs template
      • Pick from over 50 design templates for your preferred website design
    • Fully functional 5-7 page website
      • Having multiple pages on a website often looks more professional and allows you to describe your business in sections. There is also greater potential for SEO optimisation with a multiple page website as you can indicate a separate keyword (or search term) on each page. These types of websites are great for businesses who need their presence found on the internet but does not need to go into a lot of depth explaining the services of your business
      • A website is the first step to Digital Marketing in Australia. You need to be found when people are looking for you and the website is your personal home page for people to locate you best.
    • Contact information and location
      • You need somewhere to list your contact information on a credible-looking website. This is the best way to get contacted and send your contacts to the landing page for them to understand your business. This website build will also have a dedicated landing page for your contact information so search engines can index directly to send customers to your contact page.
      • Listing emails addresses, business addresses and phone numbers
    • Contact form for generating leads
      • Allow customers to submit to you exactly what they require so you can provide a quote
      • Capture the customer’s information directly from them submitting a form on your website
      • Added security to stop those annoying spam bots from sending your lots of junk inquiries.
    • Access to expert marketing help
      • With a team of fully qualified website and SEO technicians, you can ask questions and have access to expert marketing advice
    • Images for your website
      • Don’t have enough nice images for your business, we can provide them from our stock database of images
      • We can organise photographers or enhance personally taken photos for an additional cost
    • Australian Built
      • Its quite difficult to deal with an overseas company, especially if your language isn’t technical
      • Pro Digital Marketing is an Australian based company and we use our onshore resources for easy communication


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