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Digital Marketing Australia

Digital Marketing Australia - Why is it hard to rank in Australia?

Digital Marketing to a specific state in Australia requires precise marketing skills and strategy. You can often use the city or state name in your keyword to help drive local traffic to your website. Targeting the whole of Australia is a little different, that’s why we call it Digital Marketing Australia, because our audience is Australia wide and it needs to reach the entire country.

Digital Marketing Australia

The number one principle of Marketing, well before digital marketing came along was to understand your target audience. It’s nice to think your product can reach every single person in Australia, and you might be convinced that your product is for the entire population. It is great if your product will benefit everyone in australia. However, there is always a more specific audience that you need to target in order to get maximum results. Imagine organising an activity for your entire extended family. Children, right up to grandparents. They are all going to be interested in different things. Let’s say you settle with an activity of going to the park, you are going to tell the kids of the playground and sport equipment you are going to bring, you are going to tell the parents about how the kids will be taken care of and you will be able to have some coffee or nice food, and you are going to tell the grand parents that its nice and quiet. Your family might be different, but you can see there are different audiences and you are directing your message differently to each one. We do this in marketing to ensure we are speaking to our audience the way they will resonate the best. If you are unsure of the right audience for your business, looking at Australian trends can really help.

Screen Australia is a great website to learn about audiences in australia and what they are currently interested in. If you have a service or product that your business offers nationally, or even to an international audience, we can help you reach that wider genuine audience – with a customised and targeted Digital Marketing Australia strategy.

Digital Marketing Australia Graphic

For Online Marketing using a website to be successful in Australia you need three things:
  1. Your SEO must be optimised
  2. Your Content must be informative and useful to the audience
  3. You must present the user with an action to complete

SEO must be optimised

There is a lot that goes into optimising your SEO content. Read our page about SEO for more information. To summarise there are 4 main things that you need to get right for optimal SEO.

  1. You need to have enough content that shows you know everything to know about this topic. A rough guide of content length is around 1400 – 1800 words per page for a good ranking webpage.
  2. You need internal links that allow the user to learn more about that topic as they navigate your website.As you can see above, I am linking out to my SEO page where you can read more if you want. This shows that your content is organised and that you have more information relating to topics on other pages.
  3. You need backlinks from other websites. Getting a backlink from other websites can be easy and difficult. Easy backlinks are found when you can create a reference to your website on another webpage. You log in, tell something a little bit about your company, add the link to your website and bam you’re done with a backlink. However, There is a high chance that this backlink will not be from a very reputable website and therefore will only add a little bit of help towards your ranking. A better approach to create a backlink will be to find a website that is based on your industry, find a link on their website that does not work, write some good content about this topic and then send an email to the website owner that their backlink is broken and you have some improved and updating information that would be better for them to link to.
    • Australia has a backlink and email problem. There are so many spam emails around the world now that we get bombarded with emails daily. These emails are asking us to upgrade our website or use their SEO services. We get emails from businesses trying to purchase their products. So sending a legitimate email to get a backlink is very difficult in Australia. Sending emails out to everyone asking for them to put a link to your website can end up with zero return emails to your website. So how to do send an email that doesn’t go straight to someones junk mail?
  4. Add keywords to your content. You need to know what people are searching for in Google that will bring the right kind of traffic to your website. You then need to ensure your content has these keywords specified in the content. You want that keyword to be in the title of your webpage, and then scattered in your content. You also want to talk about the different variations of the keyword. For example: if you are writing about the best clothing brands, you are going to need to talk about words related to clothing like materials, t-shirts, pants, dresses, fashion, etc. This ensures that Google knows your content is actually about the topic and can trust you as a source for overall guidance.

Content must be informative

Content is really the purpose of a website. A webpage is an easy location to look for information. You know that when you want to learn about something you type it into Google and start reading. If your website doesn’t give you information about the topic, product or service you are looking for, then you will go find it somewhere else. This is why content needs to be really good quality and capture the users attention so they will continue reading the entire page. There are many reasons why you want to write good content.

  • If the content is helpful then you will have users reading it for a long time and Google pays attention to how long people view websites.
  • If the content is informative then people will share it on social media and drive more traffic to your website
  • If your content is relevant then you can share it with other websites and ask them to create a backlink to your website about the topic your have written about.

So how do you write good content?

Good content comes from a knowledgeable source. If you know about a specific topic then write about it. Share as much information as you can on the subject. Make sure the content you are writing is something that you would be happy to share on your friends, social media and other platforms. If the content is something that is going to help your friends then it will be something that the rest of Australia can benefit from too.

This is how I write good content.

When I am in a meeting with my clients or even friends, they ask me about Digital Marketing and how it works, or how to get the best Google rankings in their area. Then I make mental notes of the things they have asked me about and how I describe them. Then I go home and write those bullet points down. This is what forms my content, it’s the useful information that I just shared with one person. They walked away happy and they learnt something. But it has also enabled me to write that information down in a way that one audience member understood and now share it with the entire world in the same way.

You must present the user with an action

What do you want your user to do once they have learnt about your product and services. Do you want them to call you? Do you want them to submit an order form, do you want them to sign up? Do you want them to purchase the product online?There are lots of different possibilities for getting customers to take action, but if they are not presented with an action after reading your product or service for them to act of the information they have learnt then you open yourself up to the possibility of losing that customer. The might decide to stop browsing the internet, then they may be marketed to on social media or start browsing and find a similar product. The faster you get your customers to take action after informing your audience about the quality of your product and service, the faster you will see company inquiries, sales and growth.


The less friction to purchase your product the easier it will be for customers to make the decision. If you have the product or a discount at the bottom of the page then they are 3x more likely to purchase than if they have to navigate to another page of your website to purchase. This also goes with purchasing steps, if the steps to purchase a product continue to load new pages and the user has several steps and pages to load before making a purchase they often will stop in the process as their mind starts to wonder if they need the product. Their mind fills with questions like, will it really do what it says? Is there another product similar but cheaper? Could I use something else instead. Targeting a low friction approach to purchasing will allow you to obtain Australian customers more easily, it will also mean more people purchasing and sharing their experience with friends and family, further increasing your chances of making sales.

This has focused on Digital Marketing in Australia using a website and SEO to rank in search engines. There are also many other help resources to drive more people to your website such as Social media, Email marketing and affiliate marketing are great additions to your core australian digital marketing purpose. Sign up now to get a quote and allow us to show you what you can achieve.

Digital Marketing Australia | Custom analysis and optimisation

Start with SEO Analysis and Optimisation

Using our proprietary software and years of industry experience, we analyse your current digital footprint, determine how your website ranks in different parts of the world and across multiple search engine platforms. We then compare that to the rest of the Australian Digital Market against your competitors within your industry. We regularly investigate and evaluate your business goals and online presence and present that to you in our automated monthly reports.We pride ourselves with providing up front and honest information for our backend automation of monthly reports. We do not change these reports to show positives only, they are delivered directly to your inbox from our automation suite and they show where you are headed with SEO, what traffic you receive and if something is not working they are a great guide to indicating what needs to be fixed. With this information, we keep up to date with the latest in your industry best practices and what is succeeding for you against your competitors. We identify areas of improvement; areas your business is not yet ranking for or should be ranking higher for in search engines, and target these business areas to maximise your potential, and compete against the right competition.

Digital Marketing Australia | Convert traffic to sales

Convert traffic to sales from the entire Australian Digital Market

Web marketing Australia is a continual journey, not a single effort. Keywords are constantly changing, as Search Engines view your website they find keywords that you may not have even planned on. If these are also good for your Digital Marketing Australia campaigns, then we will adjust tactics and ensure our focus keywords match obtaining the right customers. We are constantly analysing your business placement and looking for ways to improve and make your business better. Different locations have specified needs and interests; a generic strategy is not going to positively impact your Australian Digital Marketing presence and can waste precious time for little to no reward. We concentrate on which area is being targeted, and we ensure the right audiences are drawn to your specific service and products. Monitoring conversions on the website enables us to target more traffic and generate leads and sales for your business. Targeting an Australian wide audience using digital marketing is the most cost-effective marketing technique to reach all Australian customers. Investing in a Digital Marketing Australia company can be stressful and overwhelming for businesses – many of our customers either have had negative interactions with under-experienced agencies or have not had any interaction with an Australian digital marketing company. At Pro Digital Marketing, we take the stress out of the business relationship. We offer affordable digital marketing with a special interest in meeting your business goals, preserving customer engagement, and your business growing and succeeding. We have specific SEO packages for Australia that ensures you can reach your audience according to your budget. As you enjoy growth in your business sales, the marketing costs pay for themselves and more.

An optimised Digital Marketing Australia plan to meets your business goals

There are lots of Australian web marketing agencies offering great results for Google Maps and local SEO. Targeting audiences and ranking well in the Google Maps section is an easy beginner’s step for local businesses – but it is much more complex to rank in National and Global SEO because Google Maps was designed for businesses to be within a 50km radius. This is the x-factor when purchasing our SEO packages for Australia, knowledge and expertise in ranking your product. This enables your brand to become nationally recognised and people remain on your website for longer periods of time producing greater website visibility and sales.

1 | Specific plan for your business
For all new businesses and clients, we customise a plan to the unique qualities and goals of your business. The first step is designing your marketing strategy. Your marketing strategy will be based on hours of research on your product and the successes your competition that we can utilise. Selecting the correct Australian SEO package is important as this will directly correlate to the success you see in your Australia Digital Marketing journey. Talk to our sales team about which package is right for you. This will determine your brand image, your website, your social media presence, and most importantly your customer sales potential! This allows us to define goals with you. We also articulate what we will achieve for your company through Digital Marketing Australia.
2 | Using a mixed strategy for optimal results
Next, we begin the Digital Marketing journey. We define SEO plans, social media ambitions and marketing strategies, email marketing potential, and defining the leads we are going to generate for your business. Some businesses benefits can just be provided using website and SEO, and some require a mixed strategy of SEO and well-utilised Social Media Marketing. Social Media Marketing is generally thought about Facebook and Instragram, but there are many more platforms available now that could be more suited to obtaining more of the right customers with less cost and faster. This is where we attribute the right amount of effort and work on targeting the right platform to give us the most optimal results.
3 | Customers reaching out to you
On completion of these steps we are able to generate evidence of your Australian customers visiting your website and how many are generated into leads. It’s a great feeling when customers are knocking on your virtual door. This is where you are able to see the benefits of our industry knowledge and experience and allowing more you more freedom and time to work on what you do best. Having people contact you through the efforts of marketing is very rewarding - especially as these customers are already aware of your business your skills and your quality. ,

At this point we are only at the beginning of the journey. As we learn how your customers interact with your website, social media presence and your emails, we gather that information and use it to continually improve and adjust our strategies.
4 | Gain customer attention and interest
This allows us to profile your customers and with the profiles we can target them directly with proved Australian digital marketing techniques.Dividing your customers into three categories - Interested, Invested and Convinced. Those who are interested are not ready to buy, they are just browsing to see what is on offer - they need some motivation and tuned marketing to push them to the next stage. This could be in the form of discounts, incentives, or a better understanding of the quality of your product and services in comparison to others in the marketplace.
5 | Let customers invest and engage
The next stage is targetting the invested customer group. Customers who are invested need your product - they are sold on the product, just not on your brand. We need to build and establish trust at this stage. Things like customer reviews, an investment in the direction or opinion of your existing or upcoming services and products, or a unique offering to help motivate them to the next stage.
6 | Convince your customers
The final stage is targetting the convinced customer group. These customers are convinced your product is what they need, and they trust you and your brand. They are the best customers to obtain via Digital Marketing in Australia as the sales process is a breeze. So how do you maximise on their motivation to buy? This is the stage where we want to upsell to a customer, provide them with the product they already want to buy, but also offer them something else they may have not considered or viewed yet. This is the stage they have their wallets out ready to spend - you want to maximise your earnings from each customer by providing them with as many quality products as possible.
Digital Marketing Australia | Understand your customers better

Understand your customers better

When we better understand your customers in relation to your industry, we can then target them more effectively and efficiently. Marketing to them individually and in specific ways that generate results in greater conversions, and greater return on marketing investment. Use the best if you want your products and services offered all around Australia or on a global scale – that’s why Pro Digital Marketing is the agency for all your Digital Marketing Australia needs.


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