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Digital Marketing Melbourne requires a holistic approach

Our Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne team is passionate in ensuring you obtain your goals as a company.  From the moment you contact the team at Pro Digital Marketing, we focus on your needs and what you want to achieve.  Digital Marketing is the greatest asset you can integrate into your business – when it’s done right!  From targeting the right customers, to growing your portfolio, digital tech gives you the power to make your next business decision with confidence.

Your results will speak for themselves.  When you sign up to use our business, our Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne group start that very day working to increase traffic to your website, and generate contacts for your business.  We advise you on the steps forward and how we are going to build up your SEO, Website Design, Brand Recognition, Social Media Marketing, Pay-per-click, and Backlinks.

About Us - Pro Digital Marketing Team

SEO Agency Melbourne

As part of the Pro Digital Marketing service we offer you direct access to our tailored SEO Consultant in Melbourne.  Having a state focused consultant to advise you on the steps you need to take, to reach the Search Engines top rankings and ensure when people search they find you.

What is an SEO Agency?

As an SEO Agency we have an entire team of people dedicated to making you rank for the searches your customers are actually searching for.  This is important in Google and other Search Engines, from non-paid efforts.  Paid Ads in Google are great for for reaching your customers, however it means you pay for every lead, and this can become and expensive endeavour.  With great SEO work, you can rank higher in Google organically, not paid per ad or per click –  resulting in your paid ads budget reducing, while still ranking high in search results and reaching new customers.

Some companies have used SEO Agencies before and they have not gotten the results they hoped for, or have taken the SEO work on themselves and struggled with maintaining consistent growth.  This often leaves people with the feeling they should give up and continue in the traditional marketing methods, or exclusively use Social Media Marketing.  Unfortunately, not every experience with Digital Marketing Agencies is the same.  At Pro Digital Marketing we make sure you are informed every month about the progress you are making, the amount of customers you are getting to your website, and most importantly you will see more phone calls  and contacts than ever before. Contact our SEO Agency Melbourne today.

Paid advertising | Pay per click marketing

Adwords Melbourne and Pay per click

Adwords are the words you are paying Google to rank you in Google.  They can be complicated to understand and they can cause a high cost output without much return – if not used correctly. We perform Adwords management for our Melbourne customers.  You want to make sure Adwords are not draining your profits by a poorly managed Adwords campaign and budget. Sometimes it can sound like you are paying for good Adwords, but you are still showing up for a paid ad on page 3 or 4.  Our Adwords management Melbourne team at Pro Digital Marketing will ensure you are paying the right amount to be found without breaking the bank.

Website Design Melbourne | Digital agency Melbourne

What's good about the Web Design Melbourne team?

Website design is very important to your customers.  It takes about 50 milliseconds to form an option about a website, and 10-20 seconds for a customer to stay engaged with your business website.  As competition online continues to grow, you need to stand out amongst the others and keep your customers attention.  The term “You get what you pay for” often applies to website design.  We have seen many customers use Web Design teams that were cheap and were not focused on the Australian Market or the competition, or extensive without useful design thought.  Neither of these website avenues will be useful in obtaining business leads and retaining customers.

Our Web Design Melbourne Agency cares about your website design, as this is a reflection on our business too!  It must be mobile responsive, to speed up mobile access and work correctly on a mobile device – especially now 85% of users are accessing websites from a mobile device.  Web design needs an artistic eye and our Web Design Agency continues to impress clients.  If you want to see this for yourselves, look at websites designed for some of our customers.

Social Media Agency Melbourne - we do that too!

We provide customers with a one-stop-shop for all digital marketing needs, including our Social Media Agency Melbourne experts.  Social media is a critical part of a modern business in 2020!  Based on your industry and business goals, the frequency and focus of your Social Media Marketing strategy may look different, however, it is now seen as an essential way to find, recommend and contact businesses.  Let our Social Media Agency Melbourne at Pro Digital Marketing help you with all your Social Media Marketing needs.

Social Media Marketing Melbourne


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