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theOPTOMETRIST Client Improvement

theOPTOMETRIST had changed management and wanted more people visiting their practice and to begin reaching out to get new clients. They understood the scope, intricacy and benefit of engaging an Australian digital marketing company, and they wanted a digital marketing agency they could trust.

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The store manager was inundated with different agencies fighting for their business.

Some were the generic emails that every business email receives that took all of 30 seconds to copy and paste. I’m sure you’ve all read these. Agencies not even completing an real audit of your site, but suggest that everything is wrong and broken.

Some were agencies that push one aspect of Digital Marketing and are unaware that there is a whole ecosystem required to acquire customers from many different digital avenues. These agencies are normally good at this one aspect, but leave you as the business needing to engage other agencies to address the remaining areas. This means more money and time wasted in dealing with separate agencies.

If this sounds familiar to you, please give Pro Digital Marketing a call today. We offer a no obligation discussion and audit of your Digital presence.

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After the initial conversation with Pro Digital Marketing, theOPTOMETRIST was amazed that the advice for the best marketing strategy for their business was discussed straight away over the phone.

The business is extremely satisfied with their decisions to partner with Pro Digital Marketing as the evidence came rolling in that after 2 months the business has seen double the amount of phone calls coming from the website. They have also had more people than ever come to the clinic which can be directly attributed to the website and social media pages. The client has stated that the website now reflects the calibre of the brand and the customer trust level has increased.

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Digital Marketing Client Improvement


There is evidence that a customer often needs to be influenced by a business over 3 times before they are willing to make a purchase. Although this number may vary based on a variety of conditions such as cost, effort required to buy, customer lifestyle circumstances and timing.

Pro Digital Marketing knew that the more exposure the website could obtain, the more potential customers. Then with more customers and a well defined conversion strategy. The business has been thriving, seeing more sales in the last two months than the previous 12 months. 176% increase in website traffic! 248% more engagement with customers on social media. All culminating in 2 times the amount of phone calls and online bookings received. Imagine what this would mean for your business if you doubled your leads?

It's not hard to see how Digital Marketing has influenced this client and they are seeing benefits immediately. We specialise in Digital Marketing Australia wide. We are able to reach the whole of Australia with our technical understand of the SEO landscape and by implementing proven techniques to get you across to your audience where ever they may be. Reach your audience today by giving Pro Digital Marketing a call.

The business is now thriving, seeing more sales in the last two months than ever.

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